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A young fan reading issue # 0


three young Japanese brothers (surname Sazaisaki) whom after relocating from Tokyo to America and become entangled in a battle with an international crime cartel in an effort to discover the truth behind their parents’ murders.


Katsuhide Sazaisaki was the C.E.O. and founder of the Mizaki Corporation (a portmanteau of his wife’s first and last name), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. This company was a multi-faceted organization that produced everything from electronics to automobiles.  Katsuhide and his wife Mizu had four young sons. From oldest to youngest they were Takeshi (who was working for his father), Ryu, Aroku and Restu.

   As his company thrived however, Katushide’s health was going in the other direction. Years of smoking had taken its toll on his respiratory system. When it’s discovered he has an early stage of lung cancer, and decides to leave the company in the hands of his oldest son, it sets a chain of events in motion that would shape this entire story. 

   Takeshi changed from an eager young Vice President in training to a heartless corporate suit, corrupted by money and power. His attitude toward his family even changed.  When confronted about this by his father and the threat of disinheritance, and being stripped of his position, he became even more bitter.    

   The success of his company (mostly while under takeshi's leadership), needless to say, had made Katsuhide a lot of enemies, some to the extent of wanting him dead.  takeshi's health improves, and he begins to consider returning to his mantle of CEO, When one day their home is stormed by unknown assailants while they are home alone with their young son Restu.  At his mother’s urging,  young Restu hides in a crawlspace in their home, and thus avoids harm. the parents are unfortunately killed.

takeshi is heartbroken by thie fact that he was not able to make peace with his father.

   Returning home from a trip with their paternal grandfather, Ryu and Aroku  discover what has happened to their parents.

about a month or so passes, before more tragedy befalls them and takeshi is killed himself by being hurled out of his high-rise apartment window into the ocean below...the search eventually becomes a recovery effort. he is presumed dead, though a body is never recovered

  A year has passed. A year filled with emotional and legal battles, the family sells the shares of their father’s corporation, leaving them quite well off financially.  The three young grandsons and their grandfather relocate to America and attempt to rebuild their lives. 

 Years later they have opened the Koga Ryu  Martial Arts Academy, where the three are all well respected instructors., and share parental –like bonds with many of their pupils.  Their nightly face however are that of costumed vigilantes who dispense bloody justice to wrong-doers while searching for answers to their haunting past.  In addition to their formidable fighting abilities they also use the ‘ki’ (or internal energy) to derive supernatural abilities. While each member focuses on a unique power (see their character bios), there are a few abilities that are shared.


   The ancient ninja of 17th century Japan were viewed as supernatural, perhaps almost demonic creatures due to their ability to move stealthily and seemingly appear and disappear at will.

  The Dragon Trio employs a similar tactic which they refer to as Shadow-Dashing.  It is done by breaking down their molecular structure and quickly reassembling it in another location.  It mirrors teleportation and it sometimes looks as though they are simply moving at ultra-speed.











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